About Lamphun

Lamphun Attractions

Wat Phra That Hariphunchai - A principal landmark with golden chedi that houses the relics of Lord Buddha called Phra That Hariphunchai
Phra Nang Chamthewi Statue – The statue is memorial commemorating the first ruler of Hariphunchai.
The Ku Chang-Ku Mah Chedi – It is special that it is the grave of Queen Chamthewi’s war elephant and her son’s warhorses.
Doi Khun Tan National Park – This is where the infamous Khun Tan cave situates. Khun Tan cave is the longest train tunnel in Thailand.
Hariphunchai National Museum – The museum exhibits ancient artifacts dedicates to Hariphunchai era.
Wat Chamthewi – Also known as Ku Kut, the temple has a chedi is in square structure which is considered the oldest one of the region and becomes the master design of the temples in the era.
 Wat Phra Yuen – The chedi is in square structure, called mondop. The each direction situated Buddha image in standing posture. The top of this chedi consists of bell shaped chedi and rounded base chedi as main element.
Wat Phra Phutthabat Tak Pha – The temple has got its name from a footprint which was believed that it belongs to the Buddha. Another thing to see here is a cliff which looks like a monk’s saffron robe.
Phra Buddhabat Phra That In-Kwaen or the imitation of  Phra That In-Kwaen – It situates on the top of Doi Tam Hin
Doi Ka Mor – The mountain is an inactive cone-shaped volcano. There is a well underground which was believed as sacred well.
Earwan Cave – The cave is huge and consists of complex of diverse sizes of hall with stalagmite and stalactite.
Luang Pha Wiang Cave – This big cave is divided in to 8 halls. Each hall has unique stalagmite and stalactite. The cave locates in Doi Tham Luang in Baan Wang Luang sub-district.
Pa Sang Handicraft Center – The center is famous for its product from cotton fabric. 


Lamphun Travel Tips

Dress code for visiting Phra That Hariphunchai is a polite outfit, especially for female visitors that shorts and short skirts are not allowed.

If you wish to cruise along Ping river, take your sunglasses, hat, sunblock cream, snacks, and drinking water with you to make sure that you are ready for the 2 hours journey and do remember to wear life vase the whole time.

If you are looking to purchase some high-quality souvenir, the best places to find Lamphun’s flower-pattern weaving are Baan Wiang Yong and baan Sri Maung Yu which offer silk and cotton fabric. A ready to wear outfits are also available including other products such as bags, cross body, and tissue paper box, etc. 

How to go

There are many air-conditioned buses from Bangkok-Lamphun at North bound bus terminal (Mor Chit 2) in Kamphaengphet 2 road. Multiple buses depart every day. The journey takes around 8-9 hours to reach the province.

For more information, contact The Transport company Tel. 1490 or www.transport.co.th

An easier way to book your bus ride via online booking provided by the Transport company’s website www.busticket.in.th or www.thaiticketmajor.com as well as www.thairoute.com

There are trains departing from Hua Lam Phong terminal in Bangko to Lamphun every day. For more information call 1690 or check out www.railway.co.th

You can also book a ticket online (e-TSRT) at https://www.thairailwayticket.com/eTSRT/

Visitors can take a plane to Chiang Mai then drive another 20 kilometers to get to Lamphun.


Phra Nang Chamthewi Statue

The Phra Nang Chamthewi Statue is located in the Nong Dok public park in town commemorating the first ruler of Hariphunchai.

Phra Nang Chamthewi Statue

Suthewa Rusi Statue

In front of the Town Hall is the Suthewa Rusi Statue. Legend has it that the Rusi, or ascetic, was the actual founder of Hariphunchai. As an ascetic refraining from worldly affairs he invited Phra Nang Chamthevi, a daughter of the King of Lopburi, to ascend the throne and helped her to firmly establish Buddhism in the land.

Suthewa Rusi Statue

Doi Khun Tan National Park

Doi  Khun Tan National Park