Pathum Thani
About Pathum Thani

Pathum Thani is a province in the central Thailand, 46 km. from Bangkok.  It is a place for relaxing depending on your lifestyle.

There are many interesting places suggested.  Wat Chedi Thong, for example; is a temple built in Ayuttaya Kingdom with a Mon-style stupa with 4 beautiful gold Buddha images placed on each sides of the stupa.  Another interesting temple is Wat Chedi Hoy whose stupa was built from oyster shells.  There are many species of birds flying around the temple such as ibis, cormorants, and Javan Pond herons.

In Pathum Thani, there are museums to go visiting and learning new things such as National Geological Museum where you can learn about geology affecting your life and development, and National Science Museum where you can get scientific knowledge from the science exhibitions and activities for adapting to your lifestyle and development.

After walking in the museums, you can go to 100-year Rahaeng Market, located on the Rahaeng riverside with old wooden buildings.  Sutthaphirompanich Family opens their house to be a museum of antiques.  You can eat noodles or coconut ice-cream with old-fashioned recipe.  There are many shops with retro style inviting you to visit.

Pathum Thani is a city that gives you good memories and relaxation, and it is not far from Bangkok.

How to go

Pathum Thani can be reached from Bangkok by the following buses, which depart from various points in the city:

Bus No. 33: Sanam Luang-Pathum Thani

Bus No. 90: Chatuchak-Tiwanon Road, which connects to a Rangsit-Pathum Thani bus

Buses No. 29, 34, 39, 59, 95, 503 to Rangsit, which connects to a Rangsit-Pathum Thani bus

Bus No. 104:Victory Monument-Pak Kret, which connects to Bus No. 33 or Bus No. 90

From Bangkok’s Hua Lumphong Railway Station visitors can take any train which stops at Rangsit Market. From Rangsit it’s a short local bus ride to Pathum Thani.


Wat Chedi Thong

This temple is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River in the vicinity of Amphoe Sam Khok, 8 kms. from Pathum Thani Town. There is a Mon style pagoda approximately 160 years old and a white jade Buddha image enshrined in the ubosot.

Wat Chedi Thong

Rangsit Science Centres for Education

It is an educational learning source on science for children, youth and the public. It comprises exhibitions on science, technology, natural science, astronomy, and space. Moreover, there are various experimental activities encouraging fun learning.

Rangsit Science Centres for Education

National Science Museum

The National Science Museum Located on Klong (canal) 5, Klong Luang in Pathum Thani, the Science Museum is part of the Technopolis complex. When completed, this park will be comprised of not only the Science Museum, but also the Natural History Museum, the Ecology and Environment Museum and the Aviation and Telecommunications Museum.

National Science Museum